Fall 2017- Current: Memory and Neuroimaging Lab, University of Missouri

Serves as a co-investigator and assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. Research includes long term/episodic memory, using brain imaging techniques, such as fMRI and EEG. Different analyses are also investigated, using both univariate (GLM) and multivariate (multi-voxel pattern analysis) approaches.

Fall 2017- Current: Evolution and Cognitive Development Lab, University of Missouri

Serves as a co-investigator and assistant to Dr. David Geary. Research includes integrating sexual selection theory to investigate human sex differences, as well as research in men’s sensitivity to fertility changes in women, and evolutionarily salient framing in mathematical word problems.

Fall 2015- Current: Cognitive Research Laboratory, Missouri State University         

Serves as a co-investigator and assistant to Dr. Bogdan Kostic. Current projects include gender and orientation preferences in mating psychology, reproductive and survival processing in memory, parental certainty in evolutionary psychology, evolutionary strategies and simulations of mating preferences and strategies.

Spring 2016- Current: DOOM Research Laboratory, Missouri State University

Serves as an assistant to Dr. Erin M. Buchanan. Current projects include data simulations to compare traditional parametric, non-parametric, Bayesian, and observation oriented modeling techniques, outlier treatments, Statistical meta-analysis techniques, the distribution and variance of eta squared.

Fall 2013- Spring 2016: Cognition Laboratory, Truman State University       

Served as an assistant to Dr. Terry Palmer. Past projects include investigating the role of consciousness in multisensory integration (data organization, data analysis, participant testing).

Fall 2014- Spring 2015: Psychological Testing Laboratory, Truman State University

Served as an assistant to Professor Salvatore Costa. Past projects include directing a research team of 8 people investigating the effects of hypnotic relaxation on sleep quality.