Fall 2015- Spring 2016  Graduate/ Teaching Assistant, Missouri State University

           Graduate assistant and teaching assistant at Missouri State University. Responsibilities included management of 3 online courses. Dispersed class materials and graded assignments. professors in the Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education department with literature searches, survey construction, and data analysis. Also taught a lab section of Experimental psychology where I prepared lecture materials, facilitated in class experiments, ran data analysis, and graded lab assignments.

Winter 2014- Spring 2015  Mental Health Specialist, Preferred Family Healthcare

Completed a winter and spring internship under Craig Fuller. Responsibilities included working hands on with patients at a residential care facility. Led educational and support groups on relevant topics for patients. Completed and updated chart work on the progress of patients towards program goals. Supervised patients while out in the community for social integration purposes. Studied patient histories to tailor specific program goals for specific patients.

Summer 2014  Recruitment Inter, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City

Competed a summer internship under Scott Cruce. Responsibilities included community outreach for opportunities in youth mentorship. Professional networking with local businesses at community fairs, expos, and sporting events. Created and updated spreadsheets to track and communicate between potential volunteers. Led multiple hour long orientation meetings where I would outline volunteer responsibilities for first time volunteers in a mentorship program.